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Benefits of Membership:

Becoming a Member:

Artists wishing to become candidates for membership of the UA may be nominated by an existing Member or may apply directly themselves.

All successful candidates become Associated Members. To become a full Member one must become an Associate Member first. Associate members are entitled to the post-nominal letters after their name - AUA. The Annual Fee is the same for the Associate Membership as for full Membership.

Associate Members work will be assessed for Full Membership by the Selection Committee after two years and may be elected as a Full Member or continue for further years as an Associate Member to have more time to reach the required UA standard.

Applying to become a Member:

The process for candidates is by email to the UA.

Candidates should email their application, a full CV and between 4 and 6 images of their recent artwork for pre-selection to

Your application should include an artist's statement and the reasons why you wish to join the UA and how you feel you can best support the work of the society (exhibitions, hanging, stewarding for example).

If successful in being pre-selected, you will then be invited to bring between 4 and 6 pieces of work to a Council meeting. The Selection Committee will consider the quality of your artwork and, if successful, you will be invited to become an Associate Member.

Mail: information request