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Alicia Melamed Adams, Hon Mem UA

Website:http:// /

Style: Portraits and Still Life

Materials: Oil

Location: London

Price range: POA

Alicia Melamed Adams is a long-standing, esteemed Honorary Member of the UA. No UA exhibition is complete without her paintings on show. As part of this year's Holocaust Memorial Day, it seems fitting to post a short article about her extraordinary life and work. The following piece is an extract from the London Jewish Cultural Centre website.

"Alicia grew up in Galicia in that part of Eastern Poland which later became Ukraine. When the Second World War broke out, the Nazi invasion brought terror to the region. Alicia’s brother Josef was taken away to the notorious Janovska concentration camp in Lvov, never to return. Alicia and her parents survived for a while working in a small camp in Drohobycz, but the Nazis’ pursuit of the Jews in the region was relentless, and in July 1943 the family was arrested. Just as they were about to be taken away to their deaths, a young man - the son of a tailor working for the Gestapo - intervened and had Alicia freed. Aged just 15 she faced the future knowing that her brother, parents, grandmother, most of her aunts, uncles, cousins and friends had all been killed.

In 1945, Alicia travelled to Poland - a three-week journey by cattle truck. There she met her future husband, Adam Melamed, marrying him in Warsaw in 1946. The couple eventually settled in London where Alicia enrolled at St Martin’s School of Art.

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